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5 Free Dental Apps To Help Your Child’s Oral Health

5 Free Dental Apps To Help Your Child's Oral Health

Teaching children to brush and floss early in life is important in order to ensure that they have good oral health throughout their lives. As any parent will tell you, however, it can be a challenge to get young children to brush. Below are some tips and tricks to help!

Children are fascinated with technology and mobile devices, so it’s good that these can be used for educational purposes.

There are plenty of free apps that can help turn teeth cleaning into a positive experience for them. The following is an outline of a few such apps for you to try.

1. Disney Magic Timer
According to Oral-B, “90% of kids brush longer with the Disney Magic Timer app!” With over twenty Disney characters to choose from, kids brush their teeth while the Disney character’s image is revealed. Along with that, upbeat music plays while a Mickey Mouse timer counts down the minutes for brushing. This app is compatible with Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages products.

2. My Bright Smile
Colgate designed five educational and interactive dental hygiene games for kids to help establish strong oral hygiene habits.

3. Brusheez—The Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer
This application aims to help encourage teeth brushing and establish good oral care habits. With a customizable avatar, this app creates a relatable experience for children to take part in during their teeth brushing time. The timer counts how long the child and avatar should brush their teeth for.

4. Happy Touch App
Teeth brushing time can be especially challenging for children from one to three years old. To help with that, this app has fun animal companions whose teeth your child can brush. The company promotes this app as a tool to teach toddlers to use skills such as concentration and patience, and to set them on the path to healthy living.

5. Brush Teeth With Momo
The key feature of this app is Brush Momo Mode. While your child is getting their teeth brushed, they can brush Momo’s teeth on the screen! Regular use of the app grants your child points which can be used to customize clothes for Momo and feed Momo food.

For more ways on how to improve your child’s oral health, or to make an appointment with Dr. Sulken or Dr. Kinn, give us a call today!

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