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From the minute you schedule your first appointment, to meeting Dr. Sulken or Dr. Kinn and our friendly, caring team, you will notice that our practice is different.

At Dr. Sulken’s office, we care about our patient relationships. Your first visit to our office is important to both you and us. For you, we know coming to the dentist can be nerve-wracking. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and are fully satisfied with the care you will receive when visiting Timothy P. Sulken, D.D.S. If you have any questions regarding your first visit, please feel free to contact us.

New Patient Forms

If you would like to save time on your first visit, please download our office forms and fill them out prior to arriving at our office. If you prefer to fill them out at the office, please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first visit. These forms are important for us to get to know you and your mouth. Based on information from these forms and from your initial visit, we will recommend a treatment strategy for you to have a happier and healthier smile.

Your first visit will begin with one of our four long term hygienists or one of our two expanded function dental assistants.

Patient Chair at Dr. Sulken's officeOur team of hygienists and expanded function dental assistants have a combined 125 years providing first class dental care. We want you to feel like your dental care is in the best hands. Our team will want to learn about you and discuss your dental history with you. At this time you can also discuss any fears or concerns you may have with your oral health or prior dental care and tell us what you expect from our team. This conversation will allow us to provide the best care for you so you can have the healthiest teeth, gums, and mouth possible.

After your initial conversation with one of our doctors and his team, Dr. Sulken or Dr. Kinn will examine the health of your teeth and mouth.

Additionally, x-rays may be taken at this time if there are no recent x-rays of your mouth available. After your x-rays have been screened, the doctor will do a screening for head and neck cancer. The final screening you will receive is for gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Dr. Sulken and Dr. Kinn want to make sure that both you and your teeth are in good shape. Your overall oral health and wellness is a big step in achieving good overall health.

If your screenings determine a follow-up consultation is needed, it will be scheduled free of charge.

Dr. Sulken's Beach Themed Patient RoomYour follow-up appointment will be at a time that allows our doctors to review the clinical information and develop a treatment plan specifically for you. The consultation appointment will give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding your ailments, treatments and any concerns you may have.

Often you will not receive a cleaning during your first visit.

This is extremely common: Our doctors and staff want to learn about your and your mouth before they start treating you. Dr. Sulken or Dr. Kinn will put together a treatment plan for you following your initial visit. This treatment plan will be implemented at your follow-up appointment and begin you on your way to a happy and healthy smile.

I had my first visit today and couldn’t have been happier. Having a broken leg I’m unable to drive and Sharon came out and picked me up and brought me back home. All of the staff was wonderful and I would highly recommend Dr. Sulken to anyone looking for a dentist. Thanks to all of you

Barb M.

Dr. Sulken is truly one of a kind! Had an emergency last year and no one would get me in on the same day. A friend referred his office and they not only got me in that day but an hour after I called!! Needless to say I have stayed with this office ever since. Even with the 45min drive.

Christen B.

If nothing else, your first visit with Dr. Sulken or Dr. Kinn will give you an updated status of your oral health. YOUR FIRST VISIT IS COMPLETELY RISK-FREE. We want nothing to get in the way of your comfort in coming to see us.


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