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What is Gum Recession?

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is when the tissue that surrounds a tooth begins to wear away, exposing more of your tooth and the root of the tooth. When your gums begin to recede it can cause pockets which allow food and bacteria to become trapped. When this occurs, the risk of severe gum disease increases.

What causes gums to recede?

The main reason your gums begin to recede is due to gum disease. Gum disease damages your gum tissue and the bone that hold your teeth in place.

Poor dental hygiene may be another reason you experience gum recession. Your gum tissue can begin to wear away if you are brushing too aggressively or using a hard bristle brush. If you are not brushing and flossing two times each day, bacteria can begin to build up between your teeth and around your gum line, causing gum disease.

Sometimes, things outside of your control can also cause your gums to recede. Things such as hormonal changes and genetics play a part in the chances of someone experiencing gum disease and gum recession.

If you grind or clench your teeth, a condition called “bruxism,” with enough force, this may be another cause of gum recession.

The good news is that gum recession can be treated. For less severe cases, a “deep cleaning” should be enough to remove the tartar build up and allow the gums to heal and reattach. If you have a more advanced form of gum recession, you may need to visit a periodontist; a dentist who specializes in the treatment of gums.

Gum Recession Fostoria OH dentist

Practicing proper hygiene and visiting the dentist on a regular basis are the best ways to fight against gum recession. Your dentist will be able to notice if the health of your gums are in any trouble and can help treat the issue while it is still in the early stages.

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If you are due for a cleaning or have any questions about the health of your gums, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sulken in Fostoria, OH.

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