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Bad Breath? Another Reason to Floss – Part 1

Bad Breath Fostoria OH Dentist

Bad breath is something that we have all experienced at some point, but, if you are not flossing, you may be experiencing it more than others.

To start, flossing each day will help remove bacteria from between your teeth and around the gums that your toothbrush is not able to reach. These bacterias are common causes of bad breath. If you are not flossing each day you may be more susceptible to bad breath.

Why your saliva is important

Plaque buildup is more common when you have less saliva in your mouth. Avoiding these certain things that can reduce saliva may also help to eliminate bad breath.

Not flossing in the morning – When you sleep, the flow of saliva slows down. When you wake up, it is important to brush and floss your teeth to remove any plaque that may have formed during the night.

Drinking alcohol – Any drinks that contain alcohol can easily cause dry mouth. If you do have alcohol, it is important to floss and brush your teeth after.

Bad Breath Fostoria OH dentist

Not drinking enough water – Obviously, when you are dehydrated there is not much saliva in your mouth. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated during the day so saliva can continue protecting your mouth.

Are you worried about bad breath?

If you are doing everything you can to prevent bad breath but it does not go away, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sulken in Fostoria, OH.

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