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Periodontal Disease | Do I Need to Receive a Deep Cleaning?

Periodontal Disease | Do I Need To Receive A Deep Cleaning?

Taking care of your oral health is important to you, isn’t it? After all, is that not why you brush, floss, use mouthwash, and visit the dentist? Unfortunately, while most people take care of their teeth, they are unaware about what goes on beneath their gums. Many people develop something called periodontal disease, a disease that damages your gums, jaw bone, and can cause tooth loss. If a patient develops periodontal disease, adequate cleanings will include more than just regular cleanings. You will actually require a non-surgical treatment known as a deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

“What is a deep cleaning?”

A deep cleaning treats periodontal disease in a non-surgical manner. Typically, a deep cleaning will only treat light to moderate cases of periodontal disease. If your periodontal disease has developed too far, you will require a more invasive procedure performed by a periodontist.

A deep cleaning consists of two parts: scaling and root planing.

The first part, scaling, is a process where your dentist or hygienist eliminates tartar and bacteria that is stuck underneath your gum line. Typically, this tartar and bacteria builds up in pockets of your gum tissue and on the roots of your teeth. After the scaling process is complete, the root planing process will occur. Root planing is the process of smoothing the roots of your teeth, allowing your gum tissue to heal, and your periodontal pockets to shrink. This process makes it less likely that bacteria and tartar will have a place to build up in the future.

Typically, a deep cleaning procedure will take 2-4 appointments to complete, and will involve some kind of local anesthetic. After your deep cleaning is complete, a recare appointment will take place to measure the success of your treatment, evaluate what else needs to be done, and put together a plan to keep your gums healthy moving forward.

Unfortunately, like diabetes or hypertension, periodontal disease in not curable–only treatable. For this reason, deep cleanings are essential in maintaing your oral health and preventing your periodontal disease from advancing. In turn, this will prevent more serious diseases from developing.

Do you need to receive a deep cleaning?

If you have gum disease (or would like to receive a consultation) and need to receive a deep cleaning, feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Sulken and his team are always welcoming patients in the Fostoria, OH area, who are serious about improving their oral health.

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