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Oral Health: 8 Ways To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Oral Health: 8 Ways To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Do you wake up with a headache or a sore jaw? Are your teeth sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks? If so, grinding your teeth may be the explanation.

Grinding of teeth and/or clenching your jaw is called bruxism.

There are two main types of bruxism:

Awake Bruxism – This occurs while you are awake. It may not start as soon as you wake up, but it gets worse as the day goes on.

Sleep Bruxism – This occurs when you are sleeping. This type of bruxism is worse when you wake up and then gets better as the day goes on.

The damage done by both of these types of bruxism are similar. Luckily, there are some ways you can reduce or stop grinding your teeth.

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1. Have a balanced diet.
2. When you are awake, try to avoid clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. When you notice it, relax your jaw.
3. Relax before you go to bed.
4. Unwind with friends and family.
5. Get yourself on a regular sleep pattern.
6. Don’t drink alcohol or consume caffeine before bed. These can bring on bruxism.
7. If possible, alleviate major stressors in your life.
8. Contact your Dentist for a consultation.

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