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Can Dentists Help Chronic Headaches?


You can get a headache for all kinds of reasons and at all different times of the day. Luckily, more is being discovered about the causes of headaches and ways you can avoid them. Things such as syndromes, unnatural signals from the brain, hormones and abnormal growths are just a few of the many causes. Generally, treatment and prevention for your headaches involve a group of health specialists like doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, and dentists.

A number of dentists are trained in caring for jaw joint issues, and some are qualified in alleviating headaches. If you still experience headaches after being seen and treated by medical doctors who eliminated any medical troubles, a dentist visit may be a good option at that point. Your dentist may be able to help with the headaches, or can at least recommend someone who could.


Nightguards, also known as bite splints (like this one), may be able to offer you some relief. More likely than not, your headache is caused by long-lasting spasming in the jaw and neck muscles. The purpose of the night guard is to offer a place for your jaw to rest and shut against. This keeps your jaw muscle from contracting at maximum force. Bruxism is a disorder that causes constant clenching or grinding of your teeth at night, and can lead to “tension headaches.”

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Discussing your headaches with a physician and dentist are good places to turn for relief. In most cases, there will be some kind of aid made available.

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