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The Importance of Water and Our Dental Health

The Importance Of Water And Our Dental Health

Water does a lot of wonderful things, and this includes helping keep our mouth healthy.

benefits of water to our dental healthh Fostoria OH dentist

Water helps our bodies in many ways, including keeping our skin healthy and distributing nutrients, but did you know water is also great for our dental health? Water helps our teeth in a number of ways, including:

• Children’s teeth benefit from the fluoride found in water
• Drinking water can help wash away harmful bacteria and germs from our mouth
• Water helps keep our mouth hydrated and helps combat issues associated with dry mouth

Although water is an excellent way to stay hydrated and can help aid in our goal of keeping our mouth healthy, it is not a substitute for proper brushing and flossing. Proper dental hygiene is key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sulken in Fostoria, OH if you are due for a cleaning or have any questions about your dental health.

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