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What Does Soda Do to Our Teeth?

Dentist In Fostoria OH

It’s no surprise that soda is harmful to our health.

Heavy consumption of soda can lead to things such as obesity and diabetes. Not only does soda negatively affect our general health, it is also a problem for our dental health. In fact, soda consumption is one of the leading causes of cavities.

The reasons soda is harmful to our dental health is due to a couple of things. The one many people probably think of is the sugar. Consuming large amounts of sugar can increase your chances of tooth decay and gum disease. The other issue is the acid found in soda. Even if you buy sugar-free soda, it still contains acid that damages our tooth enamel.

dentist in Fostoria OH

Children and teens are most at risk of developing dental health issues from soda consumption, but adults can still experience these issues as well. The best thing to drink in order to stay hydrated without negatively affecting our teeth is water, which you can learn more about in our last blog.

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